Ceremonies-augHere within the Grove of the Sunwheel, we celebrate the great festivals of the year, laid out by the structure of our Sunwheel Calendar as celebrated by the pagan tradition reaching back through the history of man to the early Britons and our Ancestors.

Our celebrations take the form of Ceremony and are held at the gatherings of connection and honour the Unity of understanding. Our Ceremonies are laid out in three parts.

The Opening! – Is led by the Herald and welcomes one and all to the gathering, bringing a focus and relaxation to the connection of the mind, body and spirit to our circle of tree and stone, to the energies of our grounding with our dear Mother Earth. Calling the spirit of the directions and the will of the Elements and following the turning of the Sunwheel!

The Rite! – The Rite is the heart of the Ceremony – moving with the flow of the year and our connection with the seasonal change of life. Here we honour our Ancestors and celebrate the phases of the Sun and the living life of the Earth and its land mark festivals!

The Closing! – This is the time of thanks – for counting our blessings and feeling our connection with our Ancestors and the spirit of life and understanding. We feel the calmness of our breath and feel the passion of the Earth around us. With the unconditional love of understanding and unity – we return to our path!

Information on the ceremonies of the Sunwheel Grove are to be found on the following pages:

Hawk Elderin