The Personal Thread!


Throughout the course of our lives, we all find either the want or the need to take a moment to ourselves. A moment to think and breathe, to count our blessings or take a moment in celebration, quiet reflection, or remembrance!

Whether you are part of a Druid Order, Seed Group, a like-minded collective, of a Shamanic leaning, a free spirit that interprets their own path or just someone who feels a connection or appreciation of the Earth and its natural cycle, we all share a connection!

We are a vast collective of individuals, with each and every one of us, possessing our own unique and personal outlook, preferences, and influences, living in harmony with the sun-wheel, the Tree of Life and the seasonal flow of nature!

We all have the freedom within us to believe in our own personal Beliefs and it is our similarities and connection with life and the common thread of celebration and understanding that leads us to gather with the like-minded, share in the joy of knowledge and give thanks in Ceremony!

Some prefer to gather and celebrate the Ceremonial Year in great company with the timeless bond of close and evolving friendship, while others like to feel their connection on a more personal level, in truth we all start in the most personal way as we begin to find our feet, some feel the pull of a connection toward others of a similar understanding and some don’t!

It is important that we are true to ourselves and our path, we all have our own sense of connection with the Earth, its seasons and the cycle of life, with the will of the elements, the influence of the planets and the wonder of Mother Nature and the flora and fauna all around us!

As we follow the personal thread of our path, we discover our own special, favourite, and important times and places that give us strength and help us find a connection and a sense of peace and belonging. We find our own personal connection with the spirits of influence and inspiration, of nature and its lust for life that draws us and our attention!

In time we come to recognise that these times and places are an important source of energy that provide us, either individually or collectively, with the gift of a positive passion that lights up our very being in our everyday lives and helps in banishing negative thoughts as it lifts our hearts and spirits!

We all mark these personal moments in different ways, a brief connection, a passing thought, taking in or creating a vision, weaving a thread of words upon a page, expressing ourselves through drumming, music and dance or making, building or sculpting in some shape or form, we all celebrate and create in our own way, taking in the breath of inspiration and the inspiration of creativity!

We should all find the time to give thanks and count our blessings, to define our personal thread and celebrate however it makes you feel, whenever and wherever you please!

If you are starting to explore and are interested in learning more about a more natural way of thinking and being, or it may be that you are rediscovering a long-felt connection with the natural world and its influence. If you are still finding your feet and the outline of your path, you may be unsure if you are ready to approach other like-minded people, whether it be friends, other individuals or an unknown collective?

You may well have questions, however big or small and would benefit from either a guiding hand or a sympathetic ear, without having to commit yourself to anything before you are ready!

If this is the case, we would like to think that we can hopefully help you work in some way toward finding the answers you seek without any immediate or unwanted commitment to our Order!

Hopefully, we are here to help you find your own path and the connection to your own personal thread!

Alternatively, if you feel that you would benefit from becoming part of a collective and would like to share your experience with others, through regular correspondence and the structure of an open apprenticeship, either as a starting point for setting up your own Seed Group or to help you to evolve and fine tune your own way of thinking as a member of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order and our pagan belief system. We are more than happy to allocate you with a Mentor to help you find your own connection. A Mentor is not there to tell you what to do or think, but more of a friendly guide to help you to find your own answers, as you discover and follow your own Druid path within the Modern Druidry movement!

Please address any questions, queries or concerns you might have on the subject, or for more information, by email to [email protected] or fill in one of our comment slips and we will respond in due course and do our best to help in an understanding and friendly manner!

Hawk Elderin & Morien Ravenstone
On behalf of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order