The vast evolving history of the Earth has stretched over an infinite age and far beyond the very beginnings of man, travelling on a compelling journey of transformation through space and time, delivering us to the here and now!

In our multitude we share in the beauty and magnificence of the living life of the Earth as our Ancestors have done!

We may have ventured near and far, high, and low, but we have always seen the Earth as our home, with its glorious sprawling tapestry of the flora and fauna in its abounding multitude, from the solid rock of foundation with its ageless strength and purpose, to the constant cycle of life, regeneration, and rebirth, living with the influence of the elements, with nature’s seasons and their influence on the soil and its fertility!

We are all children of Mother Earth, bound by circumstance and experience and drawn to life’s influences through our actions, intuition, and creativity, in a world that lives in harmony with the unity of life!

The Earth has been revered by both ancient civilizations and more modern interpretations across the world through changing times, for its fertility and life sustaining properties,

The Earth holds the water, from the seas and oceans of the origins of life to the lakes and lochs, rivers, streams, and springs that offer forth the drink of life!

02_Line Of NodesThe Earth also holds the deep rooting of the Trees, that have sustained us through the ages with their companionship and resources, both as a sanctuary and sharing an understanding with the natural world with their elegance and life-cycle, as we live in harmony with their breath of life!

We share in the fine beauty of the Earth, with the wonder of the chorus of bird song, the rich collective of life’s creation and nature’s garden and her bounteous harvest!

We believe in the balance, harmony, and power of the Earth, with the complex energy and grace of nature and its influences, the Sun, Moon, and the Elements!

We also celebrate The Sun, the Father, the Ignition of all Creation, as he rides his sun-wheel throughout the year, shining on like a guardian with his warmth and light!

And so too, The Moon, like a Goddess to the stars, sharing her reflected light like a beacon of love and hope in the darkness, with her caressing touch pulling at the oceans, seas, lakes, and the natural energies within us all!


Hawk Elderin

On behalf of the Sunwheel Grove Druid Order!