We are all children of Mother Earth!

The flora and fauna - the breath and spirit of life, hope and peace - The harmony and balance of all living things!

From the rock of foundation with its ageless strength and purpose - The constant renewal of the Earth with its gift of life and fertility!

The Water! - The Oceans and streams alike - With their power, passion and drink of life!

To the Trees for their companionship and understanding! With the harmony and sanctuary - elegance and the breath of life - With the beauty and wonder of the chorus of bird song - The rich tapestry of life’s creation and nature’s garden and her harvest and bounty!

We believe in the balance - harmony and power! The energy and grace of nature and its influences, The Sun - The Moon - The Earth and the Elements!

02_Line Of Nodes

We celebrate too, The Sun, The Father - The Ignition of Creation - With his cycle of life throughout the year, shining on like a guardian of the soul with his warmth and light!

And so too, The Moon, Like a Goddess to the stars, sharing her reflected light like a beacon of love and hope in the darkness. With her caressing touch pulling at the oceans, the seas, the lakes and the flow of the natural energies within us all!


Hawk Elderin