Welcome to the heart of our Grove Community!

As we have quietly done so now, for approaching a quarter of a century, we move majestically onward with the turning of the sun-wheel, celebrating our places and our living connection within the natural world and the flow of life, as we live in harmony with the elements, the seasons, and their influence, with the steady growth of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order and its community!

Over the last 3 or 4 years we have welcomed our first group of Apprentices, which has led to the founding of the ‘United Fellowship of Apprentices’ and we have grown as a collective, to the enrichment of the collective gathering, in knowledge, experience, inspiration and creativity!

Since then, our network has expanded with the establishing of our first Seed Group and the bonding of connection, unity, and firm friendships!

We would very much like to encourage interested parties to get in touch, whether you are a single individual and curious, or discovering, possibly even rediscovering a new or more natural pagan way of thinking, and looking for guidance, or for a connection with others of a like-minded outlook, offering to share advice, experience, reassurance and understanding!

Maybe you are part of a group of friends or like-minded individuals, looking to share a connection with a view to setting up your own Seed Group as a part of our network and would benefit from help with structuring and direction as well as help with Ceremonial and celebratory Matters?

Here in the Roundhouse, we like to gather and accumulate information and material of interest, from the historic and educational to the creative and self-expressive, to share with one and all and extending the hand of friendship!

As well as the United Fellowship of Apprentices and the Book of Seed Groups, we also intend to expand on our wide variety of content, including our complete Blog Index, the Book of Recommended Reading and other interesting, inspirational, and relevant information!

If you are interested in getting in touch, for a friendly chat or if you have any questions, about us, Our Druid Order, The United Fellowship of Apprentices, our Grove or The Sunwheel Grove website!

Please email us at [email protected] or fill in a Comments Slip on our website and we will reply to you shortly!


The Roundhouse Reading Room!

In ages passed, our long distant Ancestors believed in, and relied upon, the power of communication and passing on their stories, truths, wisdom, and knowledge, verbally with the spoken word, down through the countless generations.

Many of these poignant gems of ancient wisdom have long since faded beyond memory like trails of drifting smoke in the breeze, lost to the ravages of time.

With the advent of the written word, came the opportunity to keep a record of our understanding, of our everyday lives and their influences and adventures, enabling us to document our own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and imaginings, with tales of our deeds and journeys, with the many texts of differing styles, from factual works, reports and notes to diary keeping, creative writing, poetry, verse, and storytelling!

From official and important documents and records that fill ancient dusty Libraries, or individual accounts of a personal and private nature, to stories, tales and poems of living nature and social commentary designed for a more public viewing or a listening audience, maybe performed to a gathering, or recited around a Ceremonial fire or a celebratory campfire as our Ancestors would have done!

Here at The Sunwheel Grove, we believe that shared wisdom and understanding are important and key values that our Ancestors held in the highest regard. The pursuit of knowledge, the creative flow and the power of channelled thought are core principles in the art of teaching and learning, expanding our personal and collective horizons while sustaining a happy, healthy mind and a fundamental exercise in keeping negative thoughts and energies at bay.

The Books in The Roundhouse Reading Room are a continually evolving and expanding collection that will hopefully provide inspiration and food for thought, with an understanding of the strength in the sharing of knowledge and the importance of the spark of our creational drive and its process, with the nurturing passion and potential that we hold within!

Please see the full list of Books below - Happy Reading!

Hawk Elderin & Morien Ravenstone
On behalf of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order


Book of Poetry    The Book of Poetry

Book of Trees    The Tree Wheel and its Seasons

The Book of Apprenticeship    The Book of Apprenticeship

Book of Meditation    The Book of Meditation

The Book of The Labyrinth    The Book of The Labyrinth

Recommended Reading    Recommended Reading

Blog Index    Blog Index

Recommended Reading    The Book of Seedlings and Seed Groups

Library    Library