Sunwheel Grove Seed Groups!

As we look forward to the future, we hope our Grove community will thrive and grow!

We would like to encourage like-minded people to organise and form their own gatherings, eventually with their fellow sibling Seed Groups to become part of a network, we will be in a position to share our advice and experiences of building a Grove and help with Ceremonial structuring, such as interpretation, layouts and scripting!

We really like the idea of encouraging local Groves, for friends and local interested parties where they are accessible, to work within your own locality, either in a quiet local spot, maybe a clearing in the woods or a garden or site of your own choosing!

You could start with various places to gather and hold Ceremony as we did many years ago and in time, you can evolve and hopefully find a permanent home for your Grove as your gathering and connection grows!

This in turn could lead to the possibility of offshoot projects working with Woodland, Nature and other conservation and environmental ideas!

If you are interested in joining us or becoming a part of our network, please get in touch by email to [email protected] or fill in a comments slip!

Hawk Elderin & Morien Ravenstone
On behalf of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order!


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