We have all been in a position where we found ourselves thinking about the bigger picture, the universe, the Sun and Moon, the Earth and its flora and fauna, life, and nature. When left to think for ourselves, each of us develops our own unique understanding and our own personal beliefs, in the greater scheme and in everyday life!

We are all seedlings of fertility, and share a connection with the Earth, however that manifests, we all have our own influences and a sense of adventure, however subtle.

We can find inspiration with the Trees, the flora and fauna, the peaks, hills and valleys, the streams, rivers, pools and lakes, the oceans, and their coastline, or even the night sky, whether that be with friends or on our own.

There are times when we share special moments, in special places with like-minded spirits, of people we have never met before or will never meet again, we intend to keep our connection but then somehow lose touch through life and circumstance.

As we ourselves have discovered in the past, sometimes we find that it can be difficult to find a sense of belonging, with like-minded people to join and share in celebration and discuss our thoughts, experiences and understanding of nature and the natural world from a more open-minded Pagan viewpoint, even if we do not automatically see ourselves as such.

If you find our website and our natural belief system strikes a chord with you and you would like to get in touch with a small but well-established, growing collective network of relaxed and friendly, like-minded individuals, sharing in a connection of understanding and creativity, discovery, and experience, we would love to here from you, whether it be with a query or question, to get to know us, for advice, to find out more about our open Apprenticeship, or simply to let us know what you think!

You can contact us at: [email protected] or fill in a Comments Slip.

We see Modern Druidry as a natural focus on life and our understanding of it. We do not cast spells, summon spirits, or ask for anything, we believe in honouring the energy of all living life, the lives of our Ancestors, and the cycle of life. We believe that we should live in harmony with our natural understanding of the Earth and our connection as a part of it and its history!

To be a Druid is not to be a Wizard, use magic or make sacrifices as often portrayed in Books and Films. To be a Druid is to be a free thinker, sharing a connection with the natural world, where your personal beliefs are your own and open to interpretation and influence and not pre-conceived by religious dogma!


Sunwheel Grove Seed Groups!

 As we look forward to the future, we hope our Grove and its community will grow and thrive!

We would like to welcome and encourage, like-minded people to get involved and organise and form their own connection, either as an individual or as a gathering, eventually with their fellow sibling Seed Groups, to become part of a network. We will hopefully be in a position to help and share our advice and experiences of building a Grove and help with guidance and Ceremonial structuring, such as interpretation, layouts, and scripting!

We really like the idea of encouraging local Seed Group Groves, for individuals looking to find a connection or for friends and local interested parties where they are accessible, to work within your own locality, either in a quiet local spot, maybe a clearing in the woods or a garden or site of your own choosing!

You could start with various places to gather and hold Ceremony, as we did many years ago and in time, you can evolve and hopefully, if you wish, find a permanent home for your Grove as your gathering and connection grows!

This in turn could lead to the possibility of offshoot projects working with Woodland, Nature and other conservation and environmental ideas!

If you are interested in joining us or becoming a part of our network, please get in touch by email to [email protected] or fill in a Comments Slip!

Hawk Elderin & Morien Ravenstone
On behalf of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order!


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