Water Wheel Grove

New beginnings are sometimes thrust upon us, managing to benefit from them is sometimes difficult. In our case it was both sad, at leaving Sunwheel Grove, but adventurous as we had moved home from South England to the Scottish Borders.

With purpose in mind to establish our own Grove within our (largish) garden, plus the eager help and advice from all at Sunwheel Grove, we have now created Water Wheel Grove. Daunting? yes, a little, but after the first step and with Hawk, Glentaowen and Paviland at the end of a fibre optic cable, every conceivable problem was surmounted.

A Grove is a place to celebrate The Seasons, The Vegetation and The Planets that support life on earth.

Places that are focal points for like-minded people to meet to appreciate nature and to learn from each other.

We are a combination of earth, water, heat and air, the four elements common to all.

We learn from The Ancestors that have weaved their paths before us. We see the humps and diggings where they have lived and wonder about them.

Certainly, they were in consciousness and thought much like us, with worries and concerns about daily life and obtaining food.

But sometimes, in the harshness of that they had stone circles, to seek the spiritual, places to celebrate beyond the mundane of survival.

Sometimes seeing a wildflower or a view of distant country, causes the eye to relax and the heart to still.

Instinctively, realise the peace of that and know it to be something worthwhile.

A hope is that we can, through Groves, all find the quiet way of being unified with ourselves and nature.

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