Many years ago, reaching back to the rich and varied world of wonder that we discover in childhood, when we first found we had an affinity with nature and the glorious multitude of the flora and fauna, we felt a natural connection with the sky above us and the Earth beneath our feet!

We all find our own natural influences, whether they be trees, water, mountains, the stars or one or more of the many creatures with which we admire or identify with, in our own unique way!

We have all found solace in the quiet moments, we have shared with the peace of nature, special times and places, however fleeting, that have helped mould our formative years with their comfort and inspiration!

With the advent of adulthood comes responsibility and commitment and we can sometimes find that our childhood connection becomes less of an influence on our everyday lives, yet from time to time, we feel the need to reaffirm our natural calling with the peace and reassurance of nature and its symphony of life!

It may be that you have found your natural connection and influence in later life, as you have found the time, or come to re-evaluate your personal beliefs, through experience, intuition, or circumstance. We are never too old to appreciate the energy of the world around us, to find our place amongst the bigger picture and find the peace in our hearts. As we reflect upon a cascade of memories, it is never too late to celebrate the feeling of experience and rejoice in the celebration of life!

We feel its enrichment and draw on its strength in times of doubt and weakness and find that our connection with the Earth and the natural world is an important part of who we are!

We believe that we are here to tend to the garden of life and living, and should live in harmony with the natural world, to look after our environment in an ethical and locally sustainable way!

We believe that knowledge, compassion, and creativity, are of far more importance than greed and profit and enrich our lives and the lives of others!

And as part of the modern Druidry movement we believe in the science of the natural world, the planets and the influence of the elements that govern our lives!

The Sunwheel Grove – United Fellowship of Apprentices!


For many years, like many people, either discovering or identifying with a more sensitive and naturalistic pagan sensibility, individually, we began to investigate the concept of Druidism, Modern Druidry and the meaning of the Druid Way, from those inspired by ancient tomes and tales, to the many collectives of modern thinking and their wide variety of inspiration, influences, and ideas!

After decades of research and study, pilgrimage, and experience, it was felt that we needed to find our own identity and our own path. Coming together with the birth of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order in 1997, it was agreed that we should encourage others to join us and work in the same way, with their own inspiration and influences and help people to find their own answers, in their own time, in the belief that personal beliefs are personal, and it is our similarities and shared natural understanding and experience that brings us together!

If you feel that you would like to get involved or would benefit from becoming a part of a like-minded collective and would like to share your journey of creativity and experience with others, to be able to share in the inspiration of your fellow apprentices, through regular correspondence and the structure of an open apprenticeship, to help you to evolve and fine tune your own natural way of thinking as a member of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order and our natural pagan belief system, and maybe even as a starting point for setting up your own Seed Group!

If you would like to join our small and friendly, current, and dedicated growing number of Apprentices, with a view to becoming a part of The Sunwheel Grove – United Fellowship of Apprentices, we would love to hear from you!

As a starting point, we are more than happy to allocate you with a Mentor, as an introduction to the Grove and to help you find your own connection!

A Mentor is not there to tell you what to do or think, but more of a friendly guide to help you to find your own answers, at your own pace, with regular contact and advice, as well as a friendly ear as you begin to discover and follow your own Druid path within the Modern Druidry movement!

What we would like to offer is the opportunity to become a part of a collective, where your inspiration and natural beliefs are your own, where you will be encouraged to find your own answers, in your own time, in a like-minded, understanding, and friendly way!

Regardless of your locality, whether you are close to our Grove, one of our Seed Groups or not and travelling is either difficult or an impracticality due to circumstance or location, you may even be abroad, we have regular website visits from all around the world!

In time, you may have the opportunity to get involved or set up your own Seed Group, however large, small, or personal. We offer you the chance to join our growing network of Apprentices and share in the collective knowledge, experience and understanding. We can encourage you to find your own path, we can also help you to host your own Ceremonies and celebrations in your own locality, either by yourself or with friends and like-minded people and plant a seed that can grow!



One of the things we like to encourage at the Sunwheel Grove and the United Fellowship of Apprentices, is the individual and collective human capacity for creativity and self-expression, whether it be through Creative writing, Poetry, Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Handcrafts, Building and Creating Installations, Music or Dance, we all have a passion!

Some of us find it easier than others to channel our creative energies, some of us find it easier to express our emotions than others, some of us are doers and some of us are thinkers, we are unique in our outlook and our personal thoughts and so is our natural creative flow!

Some of us are dedicated if not slightly obsessed with our creative avenues, the creative process and need to create, while some of us are still to find our inner voice or struggle to find the time, drive, motivation, or self-belief to explore our creative persona and would benefit from a little friendly help and guidance, reassurance and understanding!

We believe that the art of self-expression is an important extension of the self and helps with the growth of the spirit and being, as well as becoming a passionate and fulfilling distraction for the mind and the senses!

At Spring Equinox, as an important part of our Ceremony, we gather in celebration for the planting of the seed, with our traditional connection with the Ancestors, we sow the seed of our symbolic wheat crop!

With the coming of Spring Equinox, we also plant the seed within!

A seed of hope, to be loved and nurtured within, awaiting the spark of a thought and the germination of an idea. An idea that can grow in shape and form with our own reflective individuality, a thread of creativity that can flourish in time and become its own entity, something that we can hold precious and personal, something that can live and evolve into a tangible creation, something that can start a chain reaction of other ideas or something that we can share on completion with the Ancestors at Samhain, either by ourselves or with a Samhain gathering. Not only can this expand our personal horizons but can also encourage each and every one of us with the satisfaction and warm glow of completion and a sense of achievement with the sharing of knowledge and experience!

We can live remarkably busy and complicated modern lives, the positive energy of a happy, productive, and passionate mind and spirit can only benefit and enrich our lives, with a focus to our attentions, we can make a real connection with the natural world around us as we live in harmony with the people in our lives and the earth beneath our feet!

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, either for a friendly chat or to learn more, please fill in a Comments Slip on our website or email us at the address below!

[email protected]

Hawk Elderin & Morien Ravenstone
On behalf of The Sunwheel Grove Druid Order