The Origins of the British: The New Prehistory of Britain

by Stephen Oppenheimer [Robinson]
Rank/Rating: 1327008/-
Price: EUR 15,06

Out of Eden: The Peopling of the World

by Stephen Oppenheimer [Robinson]
Rank/Rating: 348933/-
Price: EUR 13,82

The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial

by Paul Pettitt [Routledge]
Rank/Rating: 217942/-
Price: EUR 32,10

In Search of the Neanderthals: Solving the Puzzle of Human Origins

by Christopher Stringer [Thames & Hudson]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: EUR 81,30

The Prehistory of Music: Human Evolution, Archaeology, and the Origins of Musicality

by Iain Morley [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 518051/-
Price: EUR 127,32

The Last Lost World: Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene

by Lydia V. Pyne [Penguin Group USA]
Rank/Rating: 729605/-
Price: EUR 9,54

Missing Links: In Search of Human Origins

by John Reader [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 1047326/-
Price: EUR 92,14

The Wisdom Of Bones: In Search Of Human Origins

by Pat Shipman [W&N]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: EUR 26,06

The Scars of Evolution

by Elaine Morgan [Souvenir Pr Ltd]
Rank/Rating: 958063/-
Price: EUR 20,42

Origins: Human Evolution Revealed

by Douglas Palmer [Mitchell Beazley]
Rank/Rating: 1420007/-
Price: EUR 64,53

Lucy's Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins

by Donald C. Johanson [Crown Pub]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: EUR 26,41

Evolution The Human Story

by Dr Alice Roberts [DK]
Rank/Rating: 124282/-
Price: EUR 24,78

The Complete World of Human Evolution

by Chris Stringer [Thames & Hudson]
Rank/Rating: 116641/-
Price: EUR 16,32

Human Evolution: A Very Short Introduction

by Bernard Wood [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 176400/-
Price: EUR 8,69

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

by Rob Dinnis [Natural History Museum]
Rank/Rating: 657246/-
Price: EUR 15,55

Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain

by Chris Stringer [Allen Lane]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: EUR 109,80

The Incredible Human Journey

by Dr. Alice Roberts [Bloomsbury Publishing Plc]
Rank/Rating: 804835/-
Price: EUR 14,43

Incredible Human Journey

by Alice Roberts [Bloomsbury Publishing]
Rank/Rating: 1139216/-
Price: EUR 40,00

The Origin of Our Species

by Chris Stringer [Penguin]
Rank/Rating: 178129/-
Price: EUR 9,62

by - [-]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: -

Sapiens. A brief history of humankind

by Yuval Noah Harari [Random UK]
Rank/Rating: 196/-
Price: EUR 9,02

The God Delusion

by Richard Dawkins [Black Swan]
Rank/Rating: 85996/-
Price: EUR 6,00

The Selfish Gene

by Richard Dawkins [Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 55663/-
Price: EUR 15,81

The Magic of Reality: How we know what's really true

by Richard Dawkins [Black Swan]
Rank/Rating: 18165/-
Price: EUR 8,64

The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life

by Richard Dawkins [W&N]
Rank/Rating: 233072/-
Price: -

The greatest show on earth

by Richard Dawkins [Transworld]
Rank/Rating: 63216/-
Price: EUR 9,60

The Blind Watchmaker[Cover image may differ]

by Richard Dawkins [Penguin Books]
Rank/Rating: 8465/-
Price: -

Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science

by Richard Dawkins [Bantam Press]
Rank/Rating: 618075/-
Price: EUR 14,99

The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene

by Richard Dawkins [OUP Oxford]
Rank/Rating: 94323/-
Price: EUR 15,82

Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder

by Richard Dawkins [Penguin]
Rank/Rating: 101774/-
Price: EUR 14,23

A Devil's Chaplain: Selected Writings

by Prof Richard Dawkins [W&N]
Rank/Rating: 72227/-
Price: EUR 9,63

River out of Eden

by Richard Dawkins [Orion]
Rank/Rating: 153150/-
Price: EUR 9,66

The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life

by Prof Richard Dawkins [W&N]
Rank/Rating: 334711/-
Price: EUR 22,00