The Flickering Flame!
Mylo Tup

In my meandering of footprints – I watch the Pigeons tumble,
Taking of their turns – a pair on display!
The morning sun shimmers – on the hedgerow weaving songbirds,
The early autumn winds rustle the trees today!

The Bare brown fields – shoot with blanket winter greens,
Surrounding the soothing trickle of the crystal stream!
The Crows they circle – riding the passion of gust-full breezes,
Before I make my way to the entrance gate and vanish from the scene!

Gathering the presents from the offering Fairy,
A supply line for the ‘Planning Department’ – and I slowly step inside!
A lantern becomes a glow – taking centre stage within the flow,
A flaming candle of memory flickers – with the circle as its guide!

There’s a distant Buzzard with its herald calling,
A fanfare serenading – as I settle my rest in the chair!
I take in the moment – untangling my wording,
While memories run amok at the fayre!

Hunger grumbles paying homage to breakfast,
I complete my circle and come to rest in the sun!
The smoke sets sail – before the smoke rings trail,
In the buffeting of wind-wise – when breakfast is done!

Company gathers with the amassing of numbers,
Catching up with edited highlights – the tellers telling tales!
The painting of pictures – the building of structures,
Contemplation decisive – defining roles – balancing the weight of the scales!

The Holly bed fascia goes up in the world,
With the consistent colouring of sympathetic boards!
Tucking in the corners – securing the borders,
A Thistle fed supplement – to share with the hoards!

Images collected – at timely regular intervals,
Following the time-lapse story – for a gallery’s fate!
There’s a dance of the Dragonfly that leads us to lunch,
With an echo of harmony – where one and all can relate!

Disturbing the Spiders – fast asleep in the tool shed,
For the green speckled step-ladder – standing to attention at its end!
In the briefing of a moment – we define fixtures and fittings,
While Squirrels squabble beyond the gate – a racket to comprehend!

Slide by slide there’s a gutter forming,
Catching the rainfall from the view of the sky!
The Honeysuckle haven built for convenience,
A shelter from the elements – to pause in the dry!

All of a scuttle – sails a persistent Red Admiral,
Fighting the currents past the picnic bench – where the busy come to rest!
A pair of Raven’s circle with a pair of Buzzards,
Inter-weaving circles – sharing a time of peace – a vision for the truly blessed!

The Strimmer undergoes its back to work medical,
After a service – with the people who heal!
Replacement parts – help to perform the arts,
With its head spinning round like a wheel!

The Holly bed Thistles – draped in bells and whistles,
Serving up a fresh banquet to eager faces!
To save the need to reach – where perimeters breach,
Through squares of air – in the Northern most places!

With the gentle clearing – of past fire-pit remnants,
There’s a rude awakening for a snuggled Toad!
Safely escorted to the Butterfly Garden stumpery,
Vindicating caution – for the fire-starter and his load!

We watch the flames – returning to smoulder,
Steaming the moisture from the dregs of the weeds!
In explosive chains – lick the tiny flames,
Flashing in crescendo – given the air that it needs!

Robin makes a grand entrance – looking fit as a fiddle,
Well-tailored – resplendent – in traditional dress!
In a fluttering of wings – inspecting all things,
Before retiring from the public – to a private address!

With the winding of the sun-wheel – our day nears its ending,
And we share in the memory – of the flickering flame!
With our pack away complete – we make a subtle retreat,
Down the enclosing of the expanding road – and off to whence we came!


Equinox Grove! – Part 1
Mylo Tup

In a casual wander – we appear from yonder – to the secret garden through the gate at its edge,
A Pheasant weaving slalom runs through the Sheep next door – diving for cover under the hedge!
There’s a sky in painted grey – hanging heavy over the day – shaded layers inviting the rain,
Serving up a starter – with a fine drifting mist – in and out of vision with a brief refrain!

The fruit pickers busy – while the trees dance dizzy – flowing with shudders of forceful breeze,
The circle circumnavigated – a tour in the round – putting the mind at its ease!
In sweeps the rain – preparation is tentative – held in suspension – elemental Russian roulette,
Seeking the sanctuary of the dry of the shed – contentious murmurs whisper of solemn regret!

Robin bobs and potters around the base of the Dogwoods – a constant fidget avoiding the drips,
Its leaves a shimmering – like a cascading veil – plucked by the melody of finger tips!
Drumming out a rhythm on the ridges of the roof – hypnotic patterns and we drift away,
With an early lunch – we’re a quiet bunch – out through the doorway I watch the Robin play!

There’s a growth to the gathering – the arrival of Paviland – stepping in between the showers,
Relating to colours with a kindred smile – defying the build up to supply the rain for hours!
We await a turn – betraying the forecast – catching up on stories with a tell of the tale,
There’s a return of the mist – before it starts to persist – engulfing our corner of the vale!

Bowing before the seasons autumn rainclouds – settling in for the rest of the day,
The collective gathered – concede to the elements – with Plan B motioned to lead the way!
Seagulls calling with their exclamations – faded figures through a misted sky,
Heeding the call – we retire one and all – to raise a toast of Mead before we say goodbye!


Equinox Grove! – Part 2
Mylo Tup

Welcome to the morrow of the day before – and we wake with a clear – sky blue sky,
The sun is blazing – melting the glisten – of the first and gentle frost – patch-working by!
The songbirds vibrant regaining their energy – crisp in tune as I come to pass,
A safe sanctuary of trees – with their early turning leaves – casually guarded by the frosty grass!

I see a bright white V formation – rambling south in migration – jostling for position in the sun,
Twenty or thirty individuals – working the airflow collective – on a trail the timeless have done!
The surrounding brown contoured fields – hinting of carpet greens – appearing to be at rest,
The stream it trickles – slowly at a whisper – heralding the arrival of the moment’s guest!

Plumping purple black – the Blackberry hedgerows – heaving with berries an impressive display,
Inter-woven with Rose-hips and Sloes – mesmerising as my journey flows – all in a sunshine day!
I shade into shadow as I near my entrance – I hold my breath and step in through the gate,
Lush and green the welcome carpet – where the start of autumn tickling’s offer surrounding’s fate!

Finding a grounding – I sail the Orchard pathway – leading me to settle at the Bardic Chair,
The shade is punctured with beams of shining light – and I feel my presence truly there!
The seasonal viewing within a timely sun-wheel – a familiar vision that feels like home,
The Crows come and go and the Pigeons show – leaving the peace for the Robin to roam!

I complete my circle and meet the sun in the south – in every sense of the word,
We follow a swallow – where a smile fills a hollow – what a truly splendid bird!
White Butterflies flutter – with a shudder of excitement – riding the swirling breeze,
Soft and gentle – the living ornamental – drifting through the form of the trees!

As we soak up the rays – an Emperor Dragonfly – lands striking a parallel close to our feet,
Such a delicate wonder – what a spell to be under – a close up and personal meet and greet!
The rain washed fruit – paddle in their bowls – beneath the light and dark of autumn’s sky,
Returned to former glories – told in former stories – with the table and the altar standing by!

With the will of the wishful – the naked features are dressed – ahead of schedule the lanterns burn,
The participants gather – in the footprint of the roundhouse – and the circle starts its turn!
We follow the flame as the chiming’s ring – floating on the air where the melodies sing,
Silver Birch companions calming all to their rest – with a grounding kind of thing!

With the balance at harvest – we honour the apple – a thread you can see through time,
The Crab Apple Tree and all her descendants – a living life-cycle in its seasonal prime!
We are all an apple in the womb of life – descendants of our own personal tree,
Descendants of our Ancestors – a link in the chain – forever more shall be!

Dragonflies put on a celebration reception – for our retirement at the end of the close,
Emperors stroll – and smaller browns patrol – helicopter fairies in sweet repose!
There’s a twin Raven salute – with a joyful fly-by – to hold capture of every gaze,
Winding in the time to allow preparation to dissolve – before waving people on their ways!

With the Grove to myself – I return to the Chair – under the onset of white fluffy cloud,
Subtle is the skyscape – painting light and shade – with the elemental forecast to draw a crowd!
Moveable layers drifting in different ways – like a palette of smoke in whites and greys,
Manipulated by the strumming run of the thermals – rising in random and upward ways!

In time I feel the need to re-gather my backpack – with places to go and people to see,
I take one last look saving mental imagery – filing it safe so warming the memory!
My footsteps patter the cracks in the road – taking in the stillness of nature’s peace,
I move on down the trail in quiet contemplation – and on to where my journeys cease!


This Lughnasadh Gathering!
Mylo Tup

Overly dressed – in a many layered swaddle – greeted in the mid-morning sun,
Wearing the weary – with the usual lack of sleep – I linger in silence the deliverance run!
Anticipation’s arrival – leads the winding pathway – covering the gateway in shade,
With a scurry of an entrance – relaying supplies – closing the gate a connection is made!

Wading through droplets – sheltered in ankle deep grasses – on the roundhouse trail and beyond,
Unloading the backpack at the old picnic bench – where the Butterfly Garden and gallery bond!
Breathing in the moment – it conjures a smile – contentment settles with a slow release,
With the warmth of welcome – inviting the peeling of layers – in a relaxing pool of peace!

The Earth’s Discovery leaning – laden with apples – in a bow to the southern Oak,
The Orchard swells – with its abundant clusters – tucked under their leafing cloak!
The Squirrels leave the debris – of Almond Tree sorties – dotted around the edging stones,
Nut shell fragments – left in random patterns – seconds are singing in multiple tones!

Enter the Emperor – the King of the Dragonflies – moving in circles on the delicate wing,
Scouring the Dogwood – with its buffet of insects – it’s a truly – many splendored thing!
The Wasps and Bees – they network the trees – checking out the fruit with the Flies,
A blanket of cloud – drapes a shaded shroud – before the sun climbs the highest of skies!

Camouflage Butterflies – weaving in their flutter-bys – pausing at the pink and white Clover,
Random are the Whites – that flitter in their flights – rambling around like a rover!
The Finches fidget – in their raiding parties – twittering excitedly while out on the move,
A Red Admiral comes to rest – at the sun triangle pinnacle – chilling in the groove!

Second breakfast descends – with the gathering of friends – around the picnic bench in the sun,
The breeze it comes and goes – with its casual blows – sharing in the fun!
The Swallows swoop – in their sparse numbered group – weaving performance lost in time,
With a preview of our wording – we echo the threads of sentiment – compulsion is to rhyme!

The Doves and Wood Pigeons – scatter in the margins – a ring of admiration starts its flow,
The Orchard display – with its fruit on the way – the best of cropping we are yet to know!
The Plum and the Pears – covered in their wares – even the ‘Beth’ with its first year’s show,
The Greengage magnificent – with its elegant smattering – the seasons busy in its swelling grow!

The Ornamental Crab Apple – a heavyweight tangle – with its veil of wine red fruit,
Next to its kindred partner – a subtle yellow with a dusting of pink – free-form as to suit!
The entrance Russet and the mystery Apple – form less fruit in the Dogwood shade,
With the first Dogwood harvest – come the depths of Winter – lighting changes will be made!

Thriving on its pedestal perch – the solo Silver Birch – stands atop of the Ancestral mound,
The eight Silver Birch do their thing – where the harmonies sing – standing proud in the round!
Their fungal companion – quietly raising Toad-Stool heads – a precursor to a collection of rings,
A gathering pre-arranged with the damp of the Autumn – where the mist of the fall it clings!

Twin Discoveries mark a future archway – hanging heavy with red Apples glinting in the sun,
With the force of nature it requires attention – the ‘Planning Department’ will see it done!
The Yew and the Elders – fulfilling a Samhain backdrop – keeping a time with the Oath,
Running through the character of Orchard Way – with a sheltered wall of growth!

The Wild Cherries – they lost their blossom early – as their lack of fruit concedes,
Lizzie’s Cox’s Orange Pippin – snuggles with the Hawthorn – where its fruiting slow recedes!
The Hawthorn hedging – has grown though sun-wheel cycles – enclosing the Grove to the eye,
The Holly Bed framework – awaits its final boarding – having been fixed and left to dry!

The Moon Garden Goat Willow – flourishes in the corner – accompanied by the twisted Willow,
From a whip through the years reaching strong and tall – we’ve seen it forming a natural billow!
The Ornamental Rowan behind the Imbolc Stone – one of the first trees planted at the Grove,
Has transformed with the ages with its rooting deep – a fixed point of reference the future wove!

The Snowberries form and plump their snow balls – over-spilling onto the passing trail,
The Mock Orange masses – await their pruning classes – separation and spacing the fine detail!
Clematis tendrils march – over the entrance arch – in need of support against the breeze,
The Moon Garden backed with Alder saplings – under the shade of the Willow Trees!

The Hawthorn ending stands reborn – recovering a scalping to shape the hedge,
The energy of the Willow escorts us to the Beltane Hawthorn – where the ditch it skirts its edge!
On through the Stones – we enter the gallery – where the St John’s Wort it sits in the corner,
The Butterfly Garden – it tires in the sunshine – capturing the attention of the flora and fauna!

The Southern Oak standing furthest South – an established rootstock with its virgin leaders,
The dog eared leaves of the twisted Hazel – sharing tales of its travels with my regular readers!
The Hazel clumps – have come up trumps – early in the forming of their seasonal fayre,
Guests of honour welcoming the ‘Season of the Hazel’ – on this Lughnasadh gathering we all share!

Preparations begin – when the Lanterns move in – all of a flicker the entrance candles glow,
Dressed in order sun-wise – we lay the table – the altar sun-wheel table-cloth – swinging low!
The shell wind chimes – they ring with the times – dancing a symphony strummed by the breeze,
With the flavouring of incense – inter-mingling in swirls – amongst the circle of the trees!

Earthen coloured Dragonflies out on manoeuvres – joining the gathering at the roundhouse door,
A notion of a motion sparks the old Sun Lantern – taking up the trail as we have done before!
A repeated chime it leads a melody – weaving round the corners and circling rings,
The rhythm of life it echoes – finding firm its grounding – engulfing the heart as it sings!

We honour the Harvest with a toast to the Ancestors – with wheat bed threads of gold,
There’s a ceremonial Harvest with a trusted sickle – beheading a wheat crop to behold!
We swill down a seed with a mug of Ale – a fermented brew from last year’s grain,
Honouring the bed – we break our bread – consumed in contemplation with the ancestral chain!

Distribution follows – with each in turn – the directions covered – each and every one,
The Hazel honoured – as we teach so we learn – basking in the heat of the Sun!
As a small Wasp finds the Mead – with a will to succeed – we come about to the close,
Flagrant smiles – reach for miles and miles – a contented retreat where the passion flows!

We return to catch the back stroke action – a larger Wasp it swims the Mead,
The lifeguard swift and springs to action – drained and rescued guaranteed!
A Raven calls – attracting spotters – lost in the cover on the far side of the Willow Tree,
Its happy to chat – as we restore the Grove – and we leave the Raven be!

As a farewell parting it circles the rise – cronking and honking its last goodbyes,
The Sun peeps bright from behind a fluff of cloud – and the Raven is off to roam the skies!
We watch Butterflies ramble – Wasps and Bees take their gamble – as we retire through the gate,
There’s an unplanned sacrifice – as the Mead hits the road – with a smash that wasn’t great!


The Day We Made the Bed!
Mylo Tup

White Butterflies waltz – around the Bramble flowers,
While yellow rosette Thistles – climb in canopy towers,
So shapely and elegant – inviting me on my way!
Gathered at the junction – rolling with the bumps,
Wild daisies dancing – roaming in their clumps,
The sun-dripped petals in their mesmerising sway!

Silence is golden – where the stream runs dry,
The melt away clouding dissolves against the sky,
The Sun hides from shadows – with the cooling of their shade!
Breathing in the air – pausing in the moment to really feel it’s there,
Wheat blanket drifts and their silken flow – shimmering in the glare,
Awash with motion – swollen golden seas – the laws of nature on parade!

The reach of the hedgerows – engulfing the senses race,
Enclosed in thought lavished on personal journeys – with the sun upon my face,
Swaddled in the sanctuary – beyond where the eye can see!
Shadow guides the traveller – beckoning is the gateway of light,
Swinging into action – the thrill of attraction – with its Doves in flight,
Weaving through the fronds of welcome – to where one can truly be!

Aging with regal majesty – shy of a decade and yet drawing near,
A blank canvas painting saying – we are here,
Offering a peace with a blooming heart!
The seasons are sculpted with the plants and trees,
Capturing the flow of a microcosm with the Birds and the Bees,
Honouring the Flora and Fauna – the spiral of infinity – framed as a work of art!

The sun shines bright and there’s a pregnant glow,
Sharing in the glory of the swelling – that the fruit trees show,
The colours of beauty – flowering in vibrant spells!
The Butterfly Garden dresses for the occasion in its finest veils,
With red hot Crocosmias underpinning – billowing Buddleia sails,
Where Peacock Butterflies dally and the Red Admiral dwells!

The ‘Planning Department’ gathers with second breakfast’s rule,
Formulating a running order – deep within the Moon Garden’s cool,
Sharing in stories and catching up on the news!
The Lilies flower in tandem – flanking the entrance of the Clematis arch,
Near to where the Mock Oranges ramble – with the Snowberries on the march,
Collected in visions – gathered in a range of views!

Convenient for a convenience – wrapped in Honeysuckle forever more,
The building blocks – they confirm a footing – laid out on the floor,
Lovingly crafted and tucked into a concrete bed!
A seat to watch the stars – on a dark winter’s night,
Or a port in a storm – in the day it fills with light,
For going through the motions – when all is said!

Lunch comes a calling – on the back of a low Buzzard glide,
From east to west – where it comes to rest – finding a tree to hide,
Blending in the verges to a distant trail!
Small brown Butterflies in their multitude – bowl me over,
Weaving a network with the white flowered Clover,
When a Damsel fly – encounters by – cast in its intricate scale!

Plans are afoot – construction looms for the bed of Holly,
Preparation perfected over time – the whole thing starts with a silent volley,
Moving back and forth – redefining north – under the Bardic Chair!
Seeking the centring of the wheel’s gentle curve,
Measuring out the fixing points – with a board of fine preserve,
Firming in the posts – to serve as hosts – raising the bed for the Holly to share!

With echoed calls – two Buzzards circle – so high above my head,
The sunlight sings – serenading rings – returned are the tools to the shed,
A foundation fixed and formed and left to dry!
In added time – I contemplate my rhyme – as we take the guideless tour,
Sight-seeing sectors predetermined – following our footfalls as ever before,
One last transit around the outer circle – and it’s time to say goodbye!


Hot – Hot – Hot!
Mylo Tup

One by one – two Buzzards circle – above the tangled verges,
Crying a morning’s welcome on a thermal rise!
Weavings of knot-weed – waft their pollen – in white flower trumpets,
Seducing the Wasps and the Flies!
The ploughed brown fields – reaching up to the foothills,
Swathes of shadings scored across the clay!
The Hawthorn hedgerow rambles by – as the wheat pricks up its ears,
With all encompassing – engulfed within the silver glow of the day!

Twisted trees – cast their morning shadow,
Over the dry bed stand-still – of the babbling stream!
The songbirds sporadic – zig-zagging back and forth,
Even the Crows – they scarcely show – as the Sun turns on full beam!
The Brambles flowering wildly – like a web of lace,
Palette painted variants – of pink and white tones!
Entering the seasonal tunnel that embraces an entrance,
Feeling the anticipation – deep down in my bones!

Wood Pigeons scatter as I enter the gateway,
Two Meadow Brown Butterflies – offering a welcome – fluttering in flight!
House Martins party – throwing solo swirls and each in turn,
An away day holiday at the House Martin Campsite!
Sweeping in swoops – in their half dozen group,
In the southern corner stands their favourite tree!
I’m distracted by the vibrant golden yellow – of the St John’s Wort flowers,
With the first of its early bloomers – bursting free!

Robin investigates the hedgerow to our outer reaches,
Guiding the journey around Orchard Way!
There’s a flash of electric blue – pinging into view,
With a wisp on by – skits a Damsel Fly – gleaming in the sway!
The air hangs still – on the breath of will,
A precursor to the glory of the Sun’s highest climb!
With growth in abundance reaching for the skies,
An age old gift fermented – in space and time!

The purple ornamental Crab Apple Tree – sharing a transformation,
An elegant growth spirt of blushing shape and form!
The Pears and the Plum – show a healthy fruit potential,
Even the Greengage is eager – quietly soaking up the warm!
There’s a positive note for the twin Discoveries,
Forming an early framework along Orchard Way!
The Wild Cherries bloom resplendent – in the freshest flush of greens,
The Primroses rest – around Lizzie’s Orange Pippin – with her forming fruit on display!

The Almond stands steadfast – with its wealth of purses,
Dealing with slight imperfections – nipping red at the leaves!
Well dressed and tended is the bed of the Dogwood – prepared so well in advance,
Covered in a network of ring round fruit cups – where the berries swell with ease!
The contorted Hazel hiding its modesty – under cover in a deep green cloak,
So widely travelled both home and away – before retiring to mature – taking pride of place!
Pinpoints of colour contrasts – highlight the lure of the Butterfly Garden,
The Red Hot Pokers and the vibrant yellow Iris – the Comfrey clusters and the Buddleia race!

There’s a many seasoned growth – to the strength of the Yew,
Evolving with the pages of our history and turning Sun-wheels past!
The Elders newer – to complete the scene – they flourish well within the green,
Flanking astride the triplet – of the Samhain bed – a bonus feature for its timely cast!
As a backdrop to memory – close and personal – creating a sheltered pool of peace,
Zones within zones – on to where I rest my bones – where the Holly bed lays bare!
With the raising of the land and its finite borders – the replanting draws ever near,
Lifting the roots above the water table – for a Holly hedgerow – to be planted with loving care!

As company gathers the lanterns are readied – while the entrance candles refresh their glow,
Second breakfast convenes in the Moon Garden – sharing in the cool of its shade!
Collective memory enhanced – with a few seasonal choice phrases,
Reflecting sun-burn tales – of old Pilgrimage trails – distant journeys fondly made!
Recounting the rise and fall of the miles – forever wrapped within kindred smiles,
‘The Planning Department’ walking in circles – in honour of the Plants and the Trees!
Surveying the environment – cementing future planning,
Discovering unknown Butterfly species and enjoying the bugs and Bees!

Preparations done and we lay our table – under the burning of the Sun,
With a chiming rhythm – guiding gathering’s focus – following the calling of melodies flow!
Cycles are circled in timeless motion – settling to rest with the Silver Birch,
Heralding the arrival of the Sun’s highest climb – and he’s putting on a show!
We stand with a view – with memory of Autumn – gathering the bounty of the land,
We stand with a view – with memory of Winter – where the midnight darkness finds its sleep!
We stand with a view – with memory of Spring – with nature bursting into life,
We stand with a view – with memory of Summer – recalling Summer memories we’d hope to keep!

With the flare of the sunburst – stroking our faces,
In the warmth extending – beyond our finger-tips!
Here’s to the Ancestors and the mighty Oak,
Feeling the heat – as the sweat truly drips!
While the breeze it rests – silent and breathless,
We feel the stillness of the peace in the air!
As we come to a close we find our words are melting,
Relaxing the structure to the touch we share!

Drawn to the shade – a withdrawal is made,
Disrobing in the margins and revealing too much flesh!
The heat is sweltering – with technical indications,
Behold the outdated water – so cooling and fresh!
Come the revelation – there’s a primitive form of showering,
Taking the moment to let off steam!
The body smiles reaction – with the shudder of a sigh,
Catching threads of the breeze – reassuring beyond the extreme!

Pulse rate returns to normal and preparations dismantled,
Calm and thoughtful with trips to the shade!
After the mass migration – I find my lonesome,
I take the chance – to watch the Damsels dance – lost in the moment where memories are made!
Chilling clothes in the shade – I gather my visions,
Returning my necessities – to the confines of my magic bag!
Retiring to the retreat ahead of schedule,
Affording my return – the time to drag!


The Sun Shines Bright!
Mylo Tup

The Sun shines bright as the gate swings open – a Blackbird bugles – arrival’s dawn,
The invisible chorus of songbirds in hiding – welcoming the Planning Department come mid-morn!
With the beauty of the moment – capturing images – second breakfast favours the mood,
While the sunlit wonders enliven the spirit – the taste of distraction savours the food!

The Pigeons and the Doves – one by one criss-cross above – while the Crows they weave their lines,
Scattering directions – with the Grove as a landmark – sketching out their grand designs!
A Pair of Magpies come down – landing in the north – lost in silent combat with loving moves,
With a cut and thrust – gripped within the season’s lust – listening to the latest grooves!

There’s a sudden blur of flightpath – from west to east – a Duckish looking two-some sweeping low,
A Red Admiral sails – the bed of forget-me-nots – vibrant and sun-shone with its colours aglow!
An Orange Tip tours – the selection of grassy borders – a stray White Campion catches the eye,
Nestled in the gathering – around the old Hawthorn Tree – where the Bluebell’s ramble by!

The Wheat bed defences – see a changing of the guard – as the seedlings raise their heads,
While the bugs and Bees – hover round the Trees – checking out the life in the beds!
The Orange Tip Butterfly – flutters into vision – returning to the lure of the Bluebell wave,
A Small White feasts – on the forget-me-nots – alone among the beasties feeding what they crave!

Lunch calls a meeting in its loosest sense – blessed in the heat of the Sun,
Discussion states its case – in its worded chase – with evaluation said and done!
The Plant Pen trembles with the shortest straw – shaded overgrowth – under Hawthorn’s tall,
The gate comes free – with the untying of its laces – to reveal the tangle of its shawl!

Clearing the cloaking – of the weed growth choking – the plant-life sees the light of the day,
The Walnuts – Rowans and the baby Hawthorns – the Elder’s rooted in a serious way!
Pots of Cowslips huddled in the corner – looking full of life and still in flower,
Goat Willows leaf in the flush of green – reflecting the memories of growth and power!

The Pen stands empty as they form their lines – the Yew and Hazel with one and all,
Quality control sorts the wheat from the chaff – the fire stutters with the smoke’s thick crawl!
Singers in the tree-tops – keep up the commentary – as the plants return to their Pen,
Everything is watered with a well soaked drink – taken from the water butt now and then!

It’s a short back and sides for the bed of the fruit trees – taken down to the height of the ground,
The Almond and the Ornamental Crab Apple twins – appearing in the lost and found!
The fire it smoulders with its sporadic flames – hissing the moisture into steam,
Removing the wire from the Pear Tree surround – revealing the trunk that stands supreme!

There’s a Buzzard bothered by a pair of Crows – before it calmly loses them each in turn,
With a care free circle above the south eastern rise – tucked into the hill without concern!
As we wind down the timing and prepare to leave – the Pigeons they settle in the shade,
The Crows they fluster – as they start to cluster – like privates on parade!

Robin takes a gander to take in the changes – exploration from perch to perch,
Searching through the bounty – under the fruit trees – in and out of the Silver Birch!
Following the pathway that ends at the Honeysuckle – ripening into buds,
Climbing with the weave – with its subtle scent to believe – relocated from the floods!

As it comes to pass – we leave as one en masse – pulling the gate to a close,
Admiring the coverage – within the dappled shadows – where the trail it comes and goes!
The wildflower hedgerows – a palette of pigments – glinting in the light of the Sun,
On past the cracks – that follow our tracks – over the stream and its wandering run!


Dancing in the Green!
Mylo Tup

Delivered to the junction – by the kindness of Mrs Glen – an excited ramble leads down the lane,
The banter of the stream with its lyrical soundtrack – inhaling the air deep into the brain!
Up over the rise – under the mottling of skies – down where the twisting turns,
The Sun takes it chances – smothered in the elements – the taste of nature the spirit yearns!

Staggering journeys – to pool a collective – standing in unity in the time honoured way,
An entrance – each in turn – with their personal rituals – welcoming the welcome of Beltane day!
Mr Majestic the Pheasant – in all of his finery – gliding across the gallery in subtle retreat,
The Martin returns to his favourite theme park – perpetuating pause before each repeat!

Celebration calls for bread and Peanut butter – slowly and lovingly – soaking up the scene,
Taking in the energy – breathing in the synergy – beholding the swell of the green!
Preparation glows with its finishing touches – the Posy calling – with the formulation of a plan,
Admiring the embellishments – with the dots of flowers – unveiling the colour where random ran!

The entrance candles – they flicker into focus – beholding the dance of the flame,
A warmly welcome – for one and all – standing at the threshold with a future aim!
Taking shape and form – it keeps the busy warm – with everything to put in its place,
Contemplation wanders around the outer circle – heralding the Hawthorn in close embrace!

The Posy grows – with its contributions – lovingly arranged in an offering vase,
The movements assemble – with understanding’s approach – from the snaking trail of cars!
The hugs break out in treasuring friendship – reaching through history – dripping with time,
An assemblage gathering to share in our lunch – with the Mead tasting to tell of – in my rhyme!

The cold wind blows – the Sun comes – but mainly goes – the rain clouds standing by,
So the elements they play – on this glorious day – nicely chilled but keeping dry!
Sharing in the hope of the Greengage fruit buds – so many more than last year’s one,
While the rain stays away – the time starts to stray – until the sights and smells have begun!

The lanterns taste their flame – at the hand of Paviland – incense hangs a linger – reaching tall,
A multitude tango – of kindred burning spirits – casting their light – one and all!
Nature in motion – the flora and fauna – cobwebbed corners dressed in lace,
Seizing the moment when we find our peace – as we sing-fully settle our place!

Dissolving into the evolving of the Silver Birch – planting a footing – gathering in the round,
Weaving in the wind – with the dance of the tree tops – connecting with the ground!
Soothing is the birdsong – as we hold down our pages – elemental passion filling the sails,
Stepping in – three breaths deep – filing a memory for all to keep – slow the Herald hails!

There’s a flicker to the memory of the Ancestral Flame – threatening to get out of hand,
Reaching out with its personal touch – to the lap of the sun bearer – igniting where we stand!
In a beating of the heart – as a burning ply’s its art – before the embers fade and die,
A Sun dance quick-beat in the tender regions – bringing a teardrop to the eye!

We honour the arrival of the Green Man’s seed – bringing forth the melody to life,
Presentation offers with the gift of Posey – in the name of the Hawthorn man and wife!
Mother Earth blushes – with the rise of the oestrum – where two become a whole,
With the balance of harmony – wrapped in a happening – pro-creation completes its goal!

After closing time – we meet the Beltane fires – lighting up the way,
Leading us onward – between the masculine and feminine – brought to light this day!
There’s a lasting scene – dancing in the green – a chain reaction of distinguished age,
An Order in an order – we head for the border – and we tip-toe off the page!


Out In the Sun!
Mylo Tup

The yellow and green patchwork – swaddling the hills – sweetening the taste of the air,
The pungent pollen engulfing the breeze – courtesy of the rape seed growing here and there!
The songbirds serenading the trees and hedgerows – bathing in the morning sun,
Rippling the blue-green grasses – in swathes of dance – over the stream where the trickles run!

I spy an overgrown entrance – that shelters the gateway – lost in the shadows to the passer by,
With the growth of the Elders captured deep in thought and reaching for the sky!
With a struggle of the key – there’s a peace set free – entering footfalls wearing a smile,
Enclosing with a twist and a turning of the wrist – stepping back to breathe a while!

Draped in the kiss – of sun rays light – caressing the skin as the day burns bright,
The green swells its greenest in seasonal growth – in resplendent pools of delight!
Following the path along Orchard Way – I arrive at the bardic chair in the North,
With a restful pause to take in the visions – watching the Finches moving back and forth!

The Hawthorn blossom blooms – in posy clusters – vibrating vibrant upon the breeze,
Sun glinted forms – painting delicate sparkles – highlighting the tips of the hedges and trees!
Lost in the swirl of the Silver Birch – as they sway and twirl and sing their songs,
With the rustle of a bustle – flowing with the symphony – where lost in thought belongs!

With the chiming of Hawkwind – come the voices of company – welcoming the wish of the day,
On opening the gate – the Gate Keeper cometh – entering an entrance – rolling all the way!
A gathering soaks up the sun – sharing its mellow moments – weaving the threads of our news,
There’s a wander yonder – with a morning ponder – circling the pathway to take in the views!

With a strim around the rim – after defining the stones – laying the carpet with a spiral of grass,
Sun-wise circles in a twice of grading – lovingly honoured with an age old pass!
The Strimmer has a crisis and loses its head – crawling away through the rough,
Over a signal for searching – waves the air of invention – but it’s sadly never quite enough!

We move in retreat – with a welcome lunch to eat – retiring to the bench to revise the plan,
A solo House Martin – rides the hastened wind – surfing the updrafts to the wonderment of man!
Robin scurries wildly – undercover the Dog Wood – far too occupied to come and say hello,
There are random Ducks – on the wing with purpose – the Doves and Crows they come and go!

With decision made – we join the fruit and nut tree parade – counting the tiny buds on display,
The Almond – Greengage – Apples – Pears and Plum – growing maturity in the seasonal way!
With an encore of meandering we head for the North – measuring strings into lines,
Marking out the raising of the Holly bed – where the gentle curve reclines!

The pathways carved crisp – around to the gallery – past the native Bluebells in their shade,
Under the wonder of the old leaning Hawthorn – following the hollow that nature made!
Forget-me-nots drift across the Roundhouse footprint – tip-toeing in and out of the pegs,
Marking out the fire-pit and the structure posts – for the future roof to find its legs!

Time ticks by – with the hinting of a sigh – beholding the hand that points the way,
At the close of play – we put the tools away – counting our blessings on a perfect day!
Convening with the Elders – we leave through the gateway – sharing in the homeward bound,
Conjunction ends with a forking junction – dissipating – foot falling echoes upon the ground!

I raise my gaze upon my trail’s inviting – reaching like a ribbon in a distant roll,
A Hare hides its ears as it shrinks in a hollow – as I casually take my stroll!
So I make my way – where another Hare did lay – captured in a rush of the zoom,
Sharing the moment in sight’s exchange – my pulse it quickens and my heart goes boom!


Three Rowans!
Mylo Tup

The morning Sun peeks – through the clouding shadows – painted in their blues and greys,
Rolling their shading across the fields – capturing pinpricks of the light in rays!
The oil seed yellow – drapes a veil of contours – swaddling the hill I am to rise,
The morning chorus with its melodious ripples – radiating outward before my eyes!

There’s a blast from the past at the new siding gates – and a chance to pass the time,
With a former neighbour going back a generation – gathering the threads of a rhyme!
The Crows abscond – as I wander beyond – the watcher surveying the scene,
With a spring in the season – the lusting for life and reason – tender are the leaves in the green!

Stepping through the gateway – where motion lingers – while the season finds its place,
A Hare ambles up the ranging of the southern field – the Honeysuckle fondling its wires of lace!
A disturbance of Wood Pigeons takes to the air – with a subtle moving on,
A Grey Squirrel leaves the circle with a casual stroll – no sooner seen as gone!

Distracted by a Bumble Bee at the Snakes Head Fritillaries – huddled up close to a stone,
Laying in the dew to capture the memory – framing the picture to share on its own!
A Tortoise-shell Butterfly with an eye level flightpath – fluttering by from left to right,
Committed is the warble of the Willow Warbler – in a pitch so clear and bright!

In comes a Magpie to rest in the west – while the Crows fly two by two,
Mr Mallard disgruntled passes over head – sweeping to the east to pass on through!
Gone the Almond Pink in a flurry of leaves – the Fruit Trees blossom in flowing veils of white,
The Plum and the Pair – with the Greengage there – elemental circles catch the light!

On the watch is Robin red – from the camouflage of the Dogwood bed – singing of its song,
The Willow Warbler joins in for the chorus – from the Silver Birch growing tall and strong!
A Buzzard carves out ringlets – with the lift of thermals – with its gliding in the west,
Sailing with the seas – of freedoms ease – soaring with the spirit of the truly blessed!

There’s a call to arms for the ‘Planning Department’ – making an entrance for the Rowan Trees,
Honouring a replacement for the rotten roots – lifted from the water and the winter freeze!
Recovery blooms from the depths of despair – with the buds of hope that come with Spring,
Retiring to the hedgerow – built up in the shallows – what a many splendored thing!

With all in agreement there’s an urge for second breakfast – taken with the joy of the Sun,
Taking in the day with my Peanut Butter sandwiches – where thoughts can be left to run!
Conversation bandies – with observational strands – and relaxation finds its calm,
Time drifts by – with the blinking of an eye – cuddled with comfort and safe from harm!

The Finches come and go in clumps of excitement – washing through the flow of the Silver Birch,
Pigeons and Doves – stringing journeys above – and Robin wanders from perch to perch!
There’s a collective viewing as we do of the rounds – with its many signs of life,
A crescendo of living that varies its cycles – with the quickening racing rife!

Primroses displaying flowers – between their flowers – glowing like lanterns to warm the heart,
With their beauty of delicacy – shape and form – with the potency of nature in all its art!
The Shrubs and Bushes – show the growth that pushes – new shoots swelling with hope,
The hedges come to life – like the blade of a knife – defining the edges of size and scope!

Filling the Barrow with soil – from the circling ditch – for the use of raising Trees,
A Toad comes out to play – with the clearing done this day – a kindred life its escort sees!
With the making of its bed – the young Rowan lifts its head – rising to the top of its mound,
With its companion in pots – planted by its side it slots – in the outer hedgerow running around!

With the three Rowan’s planted – we gather for lunch – to formulate a plan,
We take the chance to visit next doors pond – following the bridge of the man!
Admiring the landscape and the gathering of Water Reeds – with crumbling cigars full of seeds,
With a nod of reverence to the choosing of Trees – understanding the view the viewer needs!

The flames taste the air – burning the clearing’s fayre – a smouldering of smoke into ash,
There’s a fine – fine shower that rides with the greys – thankfully gone in a flash!
Uncovering the Hollies from their winter shelter – huddled together at the end of the shed,
The proposed new site for the plant pen is cleared – counting the Hollies for the Holly bed!

The flare of the fire is tucked in at the edges – feeding the burning heart,
The wind it blows as it comes and goes – rustling my beard for its part!
With wits aroused – the tools are housed – given to the moment its time to leave,
With a cluster of voices – we make of our choices – taking in the Honeysuckle weave!

On closing the gate – we take up the single path of memories – before we go our separate ways,
A Pheasant heads my journey with an arrogant swagger – full of nervous quick displays!
Yellow Hammers darting in and out of the hedgerow – leading me on my trails,
The black and white Blackbird it crosses my path – and I’m off to tell my tales!