Throughout the turning of the Sunwheel!

As well as coming together to honour the harmony and unity of our Ceremonial Year, we also celebrate a number of other Ceremonies and Celebrations and share in Gatherings and Meditations!

Reaching back through the years, we have written and held a multitude of Ceremonies and Celebrations, we have shared in Gatherings and we have joined in the pilgrimage to many ancient historical sites. We have held Ceremony both at our Sunwheel Grove and at a myriad of different locations across the country.

We have held and honoured Tree plantings and Tree blessings – we have honoured Standing Stones and celebrated their blessings, sometimes returning time and again to share in the bond with their custodians – we have held our Ceremonies on Hills, with the Stones and in the Woods and all shared with the elements!

We were invited to take up our places in the celebration of a beautiful Handfasting Ceremony and we were also asked to welcome and hold Ceremony for the construction of a Stone Circle and the planting of a ring of Oak Trees in a clearing in an ancient wood.

We have celebrated holding Ceremony in a wide range of places, with a wide range of people hailing from all walks of life.

Hawk Elderin