The Flickering Flame!
Mylo Tup

In my meandering of footprints – I watch the Pigeons tumble,
Taking of their turns – a pair on display!
The morning sun shimmers – on the hedgerow weaving songbirds,
The early autumn winds rustle the trees today!

The Bare brown fields – shoot with blanket winter greens,
Surrounding the soothing trickle of the crystal stream!
The Crows they circle – riding the passion of gust-full breezes,
Before I make my way to the entrance gate and vanish from the scene!

Gathering the presents from the offering Fairy,
A supply line for the ‘Planning Department’ – and I slowly step inside!
A lantern becomes a glow – taking centre stage within the flow,
A flaming candle of memory flickers – with the circle as its guide!

There’s a distant Buzzard with its herald calling,
A fanfare serenading – as I settle my rest in the chair!
I take in the moment – untangling my wording,
While memories run amok at the fayre!

Hunger grumbles paying homage to breakfast,
I complete my circle and come to rest in the sun!
The smoke sets sail – before the smoke rings trail,
In the buffeting of wind-wise – when breakfast is done!

Company gathers with the amassing of numbers,
Catching up with edited highlights – the tellers telling tales!
The painting of pictures – the building of structures,
Contemplation decisive – defining roles – balancing the weight of the scales!

The Holly bed fascia goes up in the world,
With the consistent colouring of sympathetic boards!
Tucking in the corners – securing the borders,
A Thistle fed supplement – to share with the hoards!

Images collected – at timely regular intervals,
Following the time-lapse story – for a gallery’s fate!
There’s a dance of the Dragonfly that leads us to lunch,
With an echo of harmony – where one and all can relate!

Disturbing the Spiders – fast asleep in the tool shed,
For the green speckled step-ladder – standing to attention at its end!
In the briefing of a moment – we define fixtures and fittings,
While Squirrels squabble beyond the gate – a racket to comprehend!

Slide by slide there’s a gutter forming,
Catching the rainfall from the view of the sky!
The Honeysuckle haven built for convenience,
A shelter from the elements – to pause in the dry!

All of a scuttle – sails a persistent Red Admiral,
Fighting the currents past the picnic bench – where the busy come to rest!
A pair of Raven’s circle with a pair of Buzzards,
Inter-weaving circles – sharing a time of peace – a vision for the truly blessed!

The Strimmer undergoes its back to work medical,
After a service – with the people who heal!
Replacement parts – help to perform the arts,
With its head spinning round like a wheel!

The Holly bed Thistles – draped in bells and whistles,
Serving up a fresh banquet to eager faces!
To save the need to reach – where perimeters breach,
Through squares of air – in the Northern most places!

With the gentle clearing – of past fire-pit remnants,
There’s a rude awakening for a snuggled Toad!
Safely escorted to the Butterfly Garden stumpery,
Vindicating caution – for the fire-starter and his load!

We watch the flames – returning to smoulder,
Steaming the moisture from the dregs of the weeds!
In explosive chains – lick the tiny flames,
Flashing in crescendo – given the air that it needs!

Robin makes a grand entrance – looking fit as a fiddle,
Well-tailored – resplendent – in traditional dress!
In a fluttering of wings – inspecting all things,
Before retiring from the public – to a private address!

With the winding of the sun-wheel – our day nears its ending,
And we share in the memory – of the flickering flame!
With our pack away complete – we make a subtle retreat,
Down the enclosing of the expanding road – and off to whence we came!


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