The Day We Made the Bed!
Mylo Tup

White Butterflies waltz – around the Bramble flowers,
While yellow rosette Thistles – climb in canopy towers,
So shapely and elegant – inviting me on my way!
Gathered at the junction – rolling with the bumps,
Wild daisies dancing – roaming in their clumps,
The sun-dripped petals in their mesmerising sway!

Silence is golden – where the stream runs dry,
The melt away clouding dissolves against the sky,
The Sun hides from shadows – with the cooling of their shade!
Breathing in the air – pausing in the moment to really feel it’s there,
Wheat blanket drifts and their silken flow – shimmering in the glare,
Awash with motion – swollen golden seas – the laws of nature on parade!

The reach of the hedgerows – engulfing the senses race,
Enclosed in thought lavished on personal journeys – with the sun upon my face,
Swaddled in the sanctuary – beyond where the eye can see!
Shadow guides the traveller – beckoning is the gateway of light,
Swinging into action – the thrill of attraction – with its Doves in flight,
Weaving through the fronds of welcome – to where one can truly be!

Aging with regal majesty – shy of a decade and yet drawing near,
A blank canvas painting saying – we are here,
Offering a peace with a blooming heart!
The seasons are sculpted with the plants and trees,
Capturing the flow of a microcosm with the Birds and the Bees,
Honouring the Flora and Fauna – the spiral of infinity – framed as a work of art!

The sun shines bright and there’s a pregnant glow,
Sharing in the glory of the swelling – that the fruit trees show,
The colours of beauty – flowering in vibrant spells!
The Butterfly Garden dresses for the occasion in its finest veils,
With red hot Crocosmias underpinning – billowing Buddleia sails,
Where Peacock Butterflies dally and the Red Admiral dwells!

The ‘Planning Department’ gathers with second breakfast’s rule,
Formulating a running order – deep within the Moon Garden’s cool,
Sharing in stories and catching up on the news!
The Lilies flower in tandem – flanking the entrance of the Clematis arch,
Near to where the Mock Oranges ramble – with the Snowberries on the march,
Collected in visions – gathered in a range of views!

Convenient for a convenience – wrapped in Honeysuckle forever more,
The building blocks – they confirm a footing – laid out on the floor,
Lovingly crafted and tucked into a concrete bed!
A seat to watch the stars – on a dark winter’s night,
Or a port in a storm – in the day it fills with light,
For going through the motions – when all is said!

Lunch comes a calling – on the back of a low Buzzard glide,
From east to west – where it comes to rest – finding a tree to hide,
Blending in the verges to a distant trail!
Small brown Butterflies in their multitude – bowl me over,
Weaving a network with the white flowered Clover,
When a Damsel fly – encounters by – cast in its intricate scale!

Plans are afoot – construction looms for the bed of Holly,
Preparation perfected over time – the whole thing starts with a silent volley,
Moving back and forth – redefining north – under the Bardic Chair!
Seeking the centring of the wheel’s gentle curve,
Measuring out the fixing points – with a board of fine preserve,
Firming in the posts – to serve as hosts – raising the bed for the Holly to share!

With echoed calls – two Buzzards circle – so high above my head,
The sunlight sings – serenading rings – returned are the tools to the shed,
A foundation fixed and formed and left to dry!
In added time – I contemplate my rhyme – as we take the guideless tour,
Sight-seeing sectors predetermined – following our footfalls as ever before,
One last transit around the outer circle – and it’s time to say goodbye!


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