Equinox Grove! – Part 2
Mylo Tup

Welcome to the morrow of the day before – and we wake with a clear – sky blue sky,
The sun is blazing – melting the glisten – of the first and gentle frost – patch-working by!
The songbirds vibrant regaining their energy – crisp in tune as I come to pass,
A safe sanctuary of trees – with their early turning leaves – casually guarded by the frosty grass!

I see a bright white V formation – rambling south in migration – jostling for position in the sun,
Twenty or thirty individuals – working the airflow collective – on a trail the timeless have done!
The surrounding brown contoured fields – hinting of carpet greens – appearing to be at rest,
The stream it trickles – slowly at a whisper – heralding the arrival of the moment’s guest!

Plumping purple black – the Blackberry hedgerows – heaving with berries an impressive display,
Inter-woven with Rose-hips and Sloes – mesmerising as my journey flows – all in a sunshine day!
I shade into shadow as I near my entrance – I hold my breath and step in through the gate,
Lush and green the welcome carpet – where the start of autumn tickling’s offer surrounding’s fate!

Finding a grounding – I sail the Orchard pathway – leading me to settle at the Bardic Chair,
The shade is punctured with beams of shining light – and I feel my presence truly there!
The seasonal viewing within a timely sun-wheel – a familiar vision that feels like home,
The Crows come and go and the Pigeons show – leaving the peace for the Robin to roam!

I complete my circle and meet the sun in the south – in every sense of the word,
We follow a swallow – where a smile fills a hollow – what a truly splendid bird!
White Butterflies flutter – with a shudder of excitement – riding the swirling breeze,
Soft and gentle – the living ornamental – drifting through the form of the trees!

As we soak up the rays – an Emperor Dragonfly – lands striking a parallel close to our feet,
Such a delicate wonder – what a spell to be under – a close up and personal meet and greet!
The rain washed fruit – paddle in their bowls – beneath the light and dark of autumn’s sky,
Returned to former glories – told in former stories – with the table and the altar standing by!

With the will of the wishful – the naked features are dressed – ahead of schedule the lanterns burn,
The participants gather – in the footprint of the roundhouse – and the circle starts its turn!
We follow the flame as the chiming’s ring – floating on the air where the melodies sing,
Silver Birch companions calming all to their rest – with a grounding kind of thing!

With the balance at harvest – we honour the apple – a thread you can see through time,
The Crab Apple Tree and all her descendants – a living life-cycle in its seasonal prime!
We are all an apple in the womb of life – descendants of our own personal tree,
Descendants of our Ancestors – a link in the chain – forever more shall be!

Dragonflies put on a celebration reception – for our retirement at the end of the close,
Emperors stroll – and smaller browns patrol – helicopter fairies in sweet repose!
There’s a twin Raven salute – with a joyful fly-by – to hold capture of every gaze,
Winding in the time to allow preparation to dissolve – before waving people on their ways!

With the Grove to myself – I return to the Chair – under the onset of white fluffy cloud,
Subtle is the skyscape – painting light and shade – with the elemental forecast to draw a crowd!
Moveable layers drifting in different ways – like a palette of smoke in whites and greys,
Manipulated by the strumming run of the thermals – rising in random and upward ways!

In time I feel the need to re-gather my backpack – with places to go and people to see,
I take one last look saving mental imagery – filing it safe so warming the memory!
My footsteps patter the cracks in the road – taking in the stillness of nature’s peace,
I move on down the trail in quiet contemplation – and on to where my journeys cease!


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